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Quality Matters: CBD as a Quality-First Purchase
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Quality Matters: CBD as a Quality-First Purchase

Many new users of CBD will purchase the first option they find within their budget, only to be disappointed that they feel none of the claimed effects of CBD after taking it. Due to the way in which CBD interacts with the brain it is extremely unlikely that someone feels nothing after ingesting quality CBD, so that leads to the question: why do so many new users claim to not get any benefits? The reason is likely that they are being sold extremely low amounts of CBD, or even being sold bottles completely filled with hemp seed oil labeled as a standard CBD bottle. These products are not going to work for the same reason a bad bottle of wine with a fake label tastes subpar: what's inside counts more than the marketing.

With the upsurge in CBD use and studies in recent years, there are now many storefronts and brands selling CBD in all forms. Tinctures, gummies, and CBD-infused food all leave the process of obtaining and adding the CBD in the hands of the seller, meaning the buyer must trust that any claims of purity and CBD content are correct. Truck stops, sketchy websites, or even Amazon won't supply quality CBD, but they will certainly try to sell a bottle labeled as such. Hemp seed oil is a nutritious and commonly used oil for topping salads and soups, but lacks any noticeable traces of CBD. In other words: it will never work because it was never intended to, it's a total scam.

There are many legitimate businesses selling quality, transparently sourced CBD for reasonable prices both locally and online. Online storefronts that have been established for a long period of time, have good reviews, and are transparent about their CBD sourcing are a good spot for finding quality CBD. Local CBD shops will also be staffed by knowledgeable employees that can discuss your options and explain how much and the quality of CBD in their products. Treating CBD as another purchasing decision that requires some pre-purchase quality checking will ensure for a positive CBD shopping experience, resulting in effective CBD for users everywhere.



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