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The best natural expression of the hemp plant available today. Our one-of-a-kind process uses no chemicals or solvents in the manufacturing of our VE-500. This whole plant, the full-spectrum extract contains all of the beneficial molecules of the hemp plant. Don’t let the lower milligram content fool you because this product works for many people who desire to add a full spectrum product to their daily routine.


Fractionated Coconut Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Suggested Use

The droppers in our tincture bottle are graduated in 0.25mL increments up to 1.0mL. We consider 1.0mL to be daily dose, but you may require more or less.

Everyone metabolizes cannabinoids differently.

We further recommend dosing in 0.25mL or 0.5mL increments. Smaller doses more times per day will likely be remain effective in your system longer. We encourage you to explore dosing to find what works best for you.


FDA disclaimer:
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Third Party Tested

We get our hemp products tested to prove the exact presence of things like cannabinoids, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, terpenes, and a number of other different information about that particular product.

Gluten Free

As a plant, hemp is naturally gluten-free. Because it is an agricultural crop, hemp could come into contact with gluten at any point from growing to harvesting, shipping, storing or processing product.

Few Ingredients

Less is More. We use few ingredients to ensure you have the best hemp extract possible. Our hemp extract oils includes USA grown hemp extract, carrier oil, and terpenes or essential oils. We kept it very simple. That's it.

Affordable Price

Our approach rewards the consumer with consistent, efficacious products at the most competitive prices in the market. Just because the Hemp products are inexpensive doesn't mean it is anything less than top quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Harry McChesney
Works but very bitter tast.

I will not order again.

Patrick S.
Excellent all contexts---ordering, delivery, content

Excellent all contexts---ordering, delivery, content

Todd T.
Great product.

Great product, and arrived in a timely manner.

Benjamin S.
Great product!!!:100::100:

I’ve been using this exact product on my 7yo 125lb Rottweiler for about 3 years now. Daisy is a very active big girl and has torn her mcl twice in one leg and once in the other. Daisy was noticeably limping and having trouble getting up and around even after months of rehab and rest. This product has completely changed Daisy’s life. I noticed a difference in her mobility right away. Daisy now goes on 3-4 miles worth of walks a day and goes to the dog park twice a week. Daisy is back to living life to the fullest without any pain. I highly recommend this product! We call it Daisy’s secret stuff!